My Most Viewed Post Is About Straightjackets?!

Yesterday I was looking at my blog stats and I noticed my most viewed post was Have You Ever Been Put Into A Straitjacket… (539 visits so far). That’s kinda fun because straightjackets are not really part of standard everyday wear lol. Anyway when I came across Oriana Kuhr’s latest release I thought “Oh My God I can’t miss one!”:

The Silently straightjacket from Dilly Dolls, available in black, blue, brown, green, pink, red, teal and violet, is designed for the female form, and is not traditionally styled. Each color costs L$75. And if you want to see how it looks on me…here’s the pics:

Skin: EPSILON Pop – [sYs] Design

Makeup: Graphyc Eyes – [sYs] Design

Hair: So Shy – EMOtions

Cage: ChrOnicle FREE on Second Life Marketplace

Stool with poses: what next

~ by Sirena Spitteler on May 13, 2011.

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